The publication in magazine for women “Lisa” № 9

The publication in magazine for women “Lisa” № 9The publication in magazine for women “Lisa” № 9

A hunter in the soul,is the friend of the person by calling

Monarchs and presidents, owners of large industrial corporations and financial bigwigs business, film actors and pop stars, modest clerks and the maid – despite the social and economic differences among the representatives of all of these social groups certainly there are zealous admirers and owners of dogs of one of the most remarkable and loved ones in the world of rock – labrador retrievers.

Dog indians North America.

In addition labrador group retrievers includes another five species: golden or golden retriever, прямошерстный, курчавошерстный, новошотландский and che-сапик bay retriever. But the most popular and favorite of them, of course, golden retriever and labrador ретривер.согласно standard colour of the Labrador may be pale yellow, chocolate and black- the latter is considered a classic. The origin of the breed still is not clearly determined, although the hypotheses in this respect there are a great many. The most common of them, the ancestors of Labrador were dogs of north american indians, who were assisting them in the hunt. And since the first labradors were delivered to europe through the main city of the island Of newfoundland – port St. John ‘s, their so at first and they called “dogs Of st. Johns”. As for the contemporary name rock, then there unanimity are not seen: someone explains his likeness canine color with the color of Labrador – mineral group of plagioclase, someone connects with the labrador peninsula – the ancient homeland of ancestors of these dogs. Whatever it was, a variety of versions has had no impact on the reputation of Labrador. Once in Europe, in the first place to the west Of great britain, he immediately became the darling of the aristocracy – and no wonder: who-who, and the english know appreciated the hunting talents Labrador. In 1903, the breed was registered English Kennel Club as an independent, which only added Labrador popularity, making it a true “people ‘s” dog. Since then Labrador has a lot of new professions: about 80% of the guide throughout the world is labradors, the best of all they also take care of the deaf and care for the sick in the hospitals, and even these dogs are “working “on customs and search people in the rubble, rescue on water and seek rare mushrooms, truffles.

Hassle – no – ones of joy.

Labrador is so unpretentious that caring for them is not a lot of work. His hair does not cause allergies and practically has no smell, and thanks to the thick undercoat it does not get wet in water. Labradors are to those dogs, which later are mature and long live.

Richard – pedant and the traveller.

In these dogs so much charm that do not pay attention to them is simply impossible. So, Labrador Richard, who recently turned three and a half years, knows not only all of the courtyard, but the whole district. AND on the dog platform he has long been reputed to be “the guy”, true, with a special love to the procedure it called аккуратистом. Indeed, any fall or thrown on the floor thing Richard instantly brings to the hostess that she put in her place. Like all labradors, Richard extremely smart and has a good understanding human speech – all of his toys he knows by name and not get tired to show it guests at home, anticipating their delighted exclamations Favorite entertainment Richard – swimming, skating returned to the sledge, and the collective of the game with all members of the family. And yet Richard likes to travel and adapts perfectly to any environment. For his life, he has already managed to visit in ten countries, fly on an airplane, ride in the train and on the bus, and once he even had to take a ride on the зоотакси, and he did not frightened. Looking for Richard, you begin to believe that Labrador is the best friend for any active, cheerful and sociable person.

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