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RICHARD MAGNIFICO (д.р.25.05.98),

that in translation – “Richard the Magnificent” our first labrador, who brought my childhood dream about a big, legends, intelligent, beautiful, strong, intelligent dog, which can be taught to almost everything. He justified his name on all of 100%, in a short time he made a meteoric career, having half of europe and winning the titles Of interchampion, Champion Of Russia, RKF, Lithuania, Estonia. Romania, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine!!! And he is prize- winner Of The Championship Of Europe-2000 in poland(poznan) and World Championship-2001 in portugal(г.порту). AND he also has excellent working qualities that and proved, received diploma of 1 degree for various hunting activities. AND far from dog shows people and the most stringent foreign and russian experts consistently stated his charm, wit, a powerful body and will always be useful. These qualities and features of the present Labrador! AS of this manufacturer is distinguished by its children. In Richard was about 25 litters that for such a large breed as the labrador quite a few, but in each litter were their asterisk(Champions of russia in the beauty and working qualities, Interchampion, Champion Of ukraine, Belarus. Romania, Georgia, and a large number of prize- winners of various exhibitions). For many of their children and grandchildren Richard became a nurse and a wise teacher. Their photos and successes you can see on this site in section “Children Of richard Magnifico”. Richard perfectly showed itself not only on the exhibition rings, but also as a hunting and pulling the dog. His children also send this thirst to help people. The period of exhibition career Of richard i with full responsibility i can name the most striking in his life. Weight dating, impressions, travel and joy of communicating with my first and favorite labrador!

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